I remember laying down for an afternoon nap, after I got home from Dave’s. I was so tired! It was a very restful sleep; and I woke up, and there was drool on my pillow. I was very excited…. over drool!

Up until this point, I had not felt safe when I slept. I was a very light sleeper; you could simply walk into my room and I would wake up. I also clenched my teeth – that was “normal”.

After I woke up from that nap, and there was drool on my pillow, I knew that I felt safe. God had done something in my heart; He had helped me work through something, so that now I felt safe, wherever He was.

If you can believe it, I am not a light sleeper anymore. I have actually slept through my morning alarm a few times! It has been almost four years now that I was at Dave Lichty’s, and I still sleep well. When I am stressed out, I still clench my teeth sometimes, but now I can simply tell God what’s going on, and He helps me deal with it – I can lay down and know that God is protecting me. It’s just amazing!

This has changed a lot of things in my life.

Over the last three to four years, all my wisdom teeth have fully come in, and I’ve had to have two pulled.

It’s amazing how working through personal issues with someone who will sit and listen, and point out gracefully where I need to forgive, and where I need to repent, how that can change problems I have struggled with in my physical body; how I can rest and relax. God is so good!

And I’m not perfect – not by a long shot, but I find it

incredible that I am now a deep sleeper that feels safe.

– By a counselee –