Our Staff

Meet the Staff behind Peaceful Heart Ministries

Our staff are dedicated to helping individuals reach new heights in your personal life and spiritual walk with Jesus. With 20 years experience we’ve seen every level of human brokenness. You’re not alone or past redemption. Help is near!

If you are living in bondage, addiction and sin, the devil would lead you to believe that nobody will understand. If you believe that nobody else struggles in the same way you do, and that there really is no solution. If you’re not able to stop your actions or don’t even understand them and need someone to listen. If you don’t know where a safe understanding place is to go for help and advice, if these thoughts occupy your mind, please reach out to us!

Dave Lichty

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Because of his own experience over 20 years ago, Dave Lichty understands what it is like to have someone come along side and help find freedom. Dave has been involved for more than 15 years in working with couples and individuals so they can also experience the freedom that is found in Jesus Christ. Dave is one of Peaceful Heart Ministries’ staff counsellor.

Abe Klassen


Abe Klassen understands what it is like to live in bondage, but about 5 years ago he has experienced the freedom that comes only from allowing Jesus to heal a broken heart. For the past 2 years Abe has been following his God given calling to walk alongside couples and individuals so they can also experience the freedom that is found only in Jesus Christ. Abe is one of Peaceful Heart Ministries’ staff counsellors.

Lester Martin

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Lester Martin lives in Drayton, Ontario and is a local truck driver with Enviro-Eze transport. He enjoys music, travel and a good heart-to-heart talk over a Tim Hortons coffee.

Dennis Weber


Dennis Weber and his wife Yvonne from Linwood Ontario. Together are blessed with four children and  two grandchildren. Time spent with family as a father and now grandfather is a Blessing.    Privileged to have  grown up on the family farm. Since has moved on and been involved in construction for 35 years. Currently  has a sales & design position at Homestead Woodworks. Meeting and working with people is most  enjoyable about my job.

Darrel Wagler

Vice Chairman
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Darrel Wagler and his wife Cathy and family live and work on their family dairy farm, just outside of Millbank, Ontario.

Jake Friessen


Jake Friessen with his wife Lisa, have 3 children and are living in Wallenstein. Spending time with family is a blessing and its what he enjoys. Working in the construction industry doing mostly windows and doors. Jake understands the struggles and bondages associated with not knowing the freedom that can be found in Christ.