In one-on-one counseling, we take a hard look at the issues that stand between you and freedom in Christ. If you are struggling with the symptoms below, we believe that Jesus can bring both relief and fulfillment. Personal sessions help establish your story and work through to recovery and renewal.

Are you experiencing a life that is not fulfilling and free? Do you long for peace that you just can’t seem to find?

Do any of the following describe you?

  • stuck in bondage
  • in the pits of depression
  • bound with sexual addiction
  • addicted to tobacco, alcohol, coffee, sugar, food, pop, etc
  • do struggle with anger
  • rebellious
  • controlling people or conversations
  • a workaholic
  • a clown, goofy, trying to make people laugh
  • emotionally shut off and do not feel
  • disassociating, physically present, emotionally somewhere else
  • struggling in a marriage relationship
  • struggling because you are single
  • in a conversation with someone and you freeze up and cannot talk
  • experiencing fear, panic attacks
  • afraid of God
  • not able to pray from your heart
  • experiencing nightmares
  • immoral dreams
  • not able to sleep
  • eating disorders, binge eating, overeating, anorexia, bulmia, etc

There is hope, there is freedom for you.

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